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When Experience Matters

Mediation vs. Litigation
In the State of Florida, a majority of lawsuits are required to be mediated before a court will allow them to be put on the trial calendar. The reasoning behind this requirement, according to the Florida senate, is because mediation has proven effective in reducing court dockets and trials, and offers a more efficient cost-effective option to litigation.

Litigation is something to avoid if possible due to increased attorney fees, the lack of certainty until the Court rules, and possible appeals which further prevent a quick resolution of  the dispute. Litigation can add months or years to a final resolution and is emotionally draining on the parties. But if the opposing party has unreasonable demands, you will need to properly prepare the case and be ready for trial.

The drawbacks of litigation are the reason almost all attorneys believe if a reasonable settlement can be negotiated it is better for all parties involved.

The proffessionals at Ledbetter & Associates work with their clients to find the right solutions.  More importantly we work diligently to protect our clients  interests, privacy, and dignity throughout the challenging and difficult legal process.
John N. C. Ledbetter
John N.C. Ledbetter is the owner of the private law firm Ledbetter & Associates. P.L.

Mr. Ledbetter moved  to Destin, FL in 1995, and after a short sabatical in journalism, where he was an award winning reporter and columnist for the Destin Log, as well as a former Excellence in Craft Award winner from the Florida Outdoor Writers Association, he worked with Matthews and Hawkins P.A. before starting his own private law firm.

He graduated with honors from the Florida State University College of Law in 1982.

As a prosecutor in Jacksonville, Florida, during the 1980's he progressed from a county court assistant state attorney trying DUIs and domestic battery cases, to juvenile court and then to circuit court trying trafficking, armed robbery and other serious crimes. 

Appointed to the sexual battery division, He prosecuted crimes against children and other rape cases.  Later he was assigned as the felony division chief in charge of supervising all of the felony attorneys and investigators in my division (one of five full time criminal circuit courts in Jacksonville). In this role he handled high-profile cases including first degree murder, capital sexual battery and arson. He has tried approximately 100 jury trials and hundreds of bench trials.

Mr. Ledbetter graduated from Centerville High School. He attended college at Indiana University and the University of South Florida before attending law school at Florida State.

Mr. Ledbetter is married with three children and loves boating, fishing and golf.

There comes a time in your life when you can no longer put off choosing. You have to choose one path or the other. 

Ledbetter & Associates provides the client with strong analytical and advocacy skills.

We understand our clients objectives, and advocate on your behalf.

The judge hears “the same story during many cases." While judges do their best to put the pieces together as the trial unfolds, the best time to put your case forward is in an effective, well-planned opening statement.

Ledbetter &  Associates  shows the judge why your case is worth listening to and why your position is meritorious.  As leading professionals, together, we will make the difference. 

Ledbetter &  Associates is the new status quo.
We are dedicated to smart, aggressive and strategic advocacy. 

Our strategies combine sight and sound to break up the monotony that is the judge’s curse of “lawyers talking.” Showing the judge what is going on from your perspective from start to finish can often help determine the outcome of the proceedings in a favorable manner.

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Ledbetter &  Associates  is comitted to providing professional excellence, client services, and expert legal advice.

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